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IADC Safety Inspection Checklist

Published by: IADC, 2013

3-part carbonless forms

The IADC Drilling Rig Safety Inspection Checklist was prepared under the auspices of the IADC Health, Safety & Environment Committee.

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List Price: $66.00
Member Price: $55.00
IADC International Daywork Drilling Contract - Land

Designed to cover conditions likely to be encountered in land drilling operations outside the United States. Revised March 2010.  IADC.

List Price: $60.00
Member Price: $50.00
Oilfield H2S Safety Training

A definitive, comprehensive work for Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training Certification written by an 18-year veteran in handling hundreds of situations involving H2S, this workbook highlights all H2S safety criteria and presents the information in an easy-to-understand graphical format.


This workbook is customized to the oilfield and covers such subjects as: where H2S occurs in the oilfield; hazards of H2S; how H2S can affect you; chronic and short term effects; ventilation; flammability issues; contingency planning; donning SCBA's and emergency use; and much more.


The workbook features ten test questions located throughout the book as well as a ten-question tear out test at the end. Certification cards are included in the Master Manual, which is sold with each copy of Oilfield H2S Safety Training. Graphic Safety LLC.


List Price: $68.00
Member Price: $52.00
Forklift Operator Certification Training Workbook

IADC is proud to make available this graphically illustrated workbook published by The workbook provides instruction for operating a forklift while handling conventional and odd type loads, including tubulars. As a graphical training tool, it is possible to qualify forklift and/or manlift operating skills, right in the field. No classroom training is necessary with this workbook. OSHA's CFR 1910.178 allows for supervisors to perform forklift training provided that they are familiar with the equipment. This workbook makes it possible for every employee in the field to get certified to properly operate your equipment, without having to gather every candidate into the classroom. A Master Copy of the workbook provides supervisors with an answer key and coaching opportunities to ensure the student has a firm grasp of all concepts covered in the workbook. Graphic Safety,  2010

List Price: $30.00
Member Price: $22.00
Master Copy - Forklift Operator Certification Trai

An answer guide to the Forklift Operator Certification Training Workbook, this Master Copy provides an answer key to the questions found in the student workbook and allows supervisors to efficiently and effectively evaluate a student's knowledge of forklift operations. Just provide the student with a Student Workbook and have him fill it out, bring it back and the supervisor can grade it with the employee to ensure understanding. Then the supervisor can "sign-off" on the certification card included with each Student Workbook and certify the employees driving skills. (Each student workbook includes a single certification card which the supervisor can issue after successful completion of training.) Graphic Safety LLC, 33pgs.

List Price: $37.00
Member Price: $27.00
Rig Math

The newly revised Rig Math 2nd Edition presents an easy way to learn the math used in drilling. It is a highly visual approach that makes math extremely easy and intuitive. The reader will learn to reason his way through any well control problem without using complicated equations or a kill sheet. Rig Math covers the hierarchy of operations in equations, use of scientific calculators, multiplying fractions with words, conversion factors, elementary algebra and much more. Drillbert Engineering, 2011. Approx. 100 pages.

List Price: $50.00
Member Price: $40.00
Formulas and Calculations for Drilling Operations

Presented in an easy-to-use format, Formulas and Calculation for Drilling Operations is a quick reference for day-to-day work out on the rig. It also serves as a handy study guide for drilling and well control certification courses. Virtually all the mathematics required on a drilling rig is here in one convenient source, including formulas for pressure gradient, specific gravity, pump, output, annual velocity, buoyancy factor, and many other topics. Topics covered include: Basic Calculations; Rig Equipment; Well Path Design; Fluids; Hydraulics; Tubular Mechanics; Drilling Tools; Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient; Well Control; Drilling Problems; Cementing; Well Cost 387 pages. Wiley-Scrivner, 2010.

List Price: $209.00
Member Price: $155.00
Well Control for the Man on the Rig, 2nd Ed.

Updated in 2011, this publication provides an in-depth discussion of well control - how it is done, why it is done, the problems that can occur, and how to prevent them. Murchison Drilling School.

List Price: $102.00
Member Price: $90.00
Guide to Blowout Prevention - CD-ROM

The WCS - Guide to Blowout Prevention manual is published in full color and is full of cutting edge technology for drilling, workover and well servicing operations. It incorporates actual images and cutaways of manufacturer's equipment along with 200 technical drawings. WCS, 576 pages. To be utilized in all IADC approved WCS schools. Available for in-house well control training for Drilling Completion/Workover and Well Servicing. (Not available to commercial training institutions.) Individuals are welcome to purchase this manual for their personal use.

List Price: $140.00
Member Price: $105.00
DDR Form 2T6

A month's supply packaged in each pad (31 sets per pad)using the strongest and thinnest carbonless paper available so the impression on the last copy is as good as the first! The Daily Drilling Report forms are available in two configurations. The 2-Tour Forms for two 12-hour shifts have 6 copies. The 3-Tour Forms for three 8-hour shifts have 5 copies. Each carton contains 5 pads. The IADC Daily Drilling Report forms are also available in electronic format, please contact for more information.


List Price: $352.00
Member Price: $258.00
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